Gloves by types of cut and grip 

If it's clear for you what kind of grip help you the most to stop the ball, this is your section. The flat gloves with traditional cut, or with a negative cut if what you want is a better contact with the ball. Roll-flat for more comfort. And why not, some roll negative with more sensibility and grip, or roll-finger with the fingers surrounded by latex. All kind of grip types for you in this section, if you prefer a maximum grip o more resistance with a basic grip. Whatever is your need as a goalkeeper, find it easily in this section.


  • Flat

    The flat gloves have a flat palm and a traditional cut. They've a large latex area on the palm and the seams are sewn toward the exterior; they're the favorite gloves of the beginners. They're composed by two pieces of latex, one for the palm and another one for the backhand, they're united by the seams of the fingers, making the glove stronger. There is a breathable fabric between the fingers. The gloves of the other category, roll-flat, have a very common cut with a medium-high shape.  There are gloves with an hybrid cut, a mixed of the traditional cut and the involving of the fingers with latex. With this cut, the glove has a larger area of latex, for better results of the blockage, it improves the comfort and gives a better sensation of liberty of the glove. This is the reason why those gloves have more and more success with the professionals, with those who want comfort and a effective answer against the ball of the opponent team.

  • Negative

    It's called a negative cut because it has the seams of the fingers towards inside, for a better contact with the ball. The negative cut is very used by the European goalkeepers, very similar to the flat, but with the difference that here the palm doesn't have seams, for more sensibility and grip of the ball. It's the kind of gloves used by the most experienced goalkeepers because it permits less errors. It's very common in the European game. On the other side, The gloves Roll-negative are characterized by the fact they have an hybrid cut, with the fingers involved by latex, with the end of the seams towards inside. This glove has a larger latex area than the negatives. Because it has less amortization, there is a total contact sensation with the ball. You'll reach a better adjustment than with the RollFinger gloves.

  • Rollfinger

    This design of gloves is every time more popular. It's the type of cut that the English people prefer. Those gloves are made from two pieces of latex, but the difference with the other gloves is that instead of having linings on the finger, the palm is made of latex that involves up to the fingers and sewn up to the end of the fingers. All that gives to your glove Rollfinger a better grip to the ball because there is more contact area, even if the sensibility when blocking the ball is less because there is more amortization. Ideal for those who want sensations contrary to the negative.

  • Hybrid

    As indicated by their name, the hybrid goalkeeper gloves associate two types of cut. They're models that develop some brands to offer the glove that the best adjustment has to the hand and the perfect contact and amortization needed for each goalkeeper. For sample, we find combinations of Rollfinger with Flat (latex on the fingers and larger contact area), also roll-negative with rollfinger (for more adjustment on the hand and more sensibility with the ball), o families like the Ghotta range of HO Soccer that create the same model, but with more adjusted characteristics or wrapping latex, etc.

  • Maximum grip

    The natural latex is the basic element for this kind of grip, because it gives the glove the best adhesion. It's the most indicated for natural grass. The small inconvenience is that those gloves are more delicate, but you'll have more grip than with other gloves. For a better conservation it's better to keep them in a wet place. Its weakness is that because it's a delicate material, they use to wear out faster than models made with more latex and those composed with synthetic latex.

  • Medium grip

    The gloves of medium grip have a medium level of grip and resistance. Its adhesion is acceptable, even if less than other gloves, but they're made to last a reasonable quantity of time. They're ideal for who is looking for gloves to use during the trainings and the matches, for different types of fields, without fearing they wear out fast.

  • Basic grip

    They're very resistant gloves but with small grip. They're specially designed to play in hard fields, like soil or artificial grass, and just a little bit wet. This kind of gloves give less adhesion when they're very wet, so it's better to play with them in completely dry conditions. The adhesion is guaranteed by the mix of natural and synthetic latex.

  • Wet grip

    They're ideal for who is looking for a better grip on wet conditions, because of the natural latex with those gloves you can catch 40% more on those conditions and/or fields. The grip will be better with the palms very wet. There is no other gloves for these conditions. And because of their composition, they absorb the water and dry very fast, this is perfect to play football when it's raining because you can control the ball.

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