Gloves depending on the game field 


  • Extreme weather

    For those who have to play during the winter however is the weather, and for the areas where you usually play football on wet fields, we recommend to use gloves with wet grip and delicate palm. There're ideal for the extreme weather and low temperatures, they adapt very well to the cold weather and they can have 40% more grip if the weather is rainy. If you like to enjoy good football under extreme weather as rain, here you can find your gloves.

  • Natural grass

    If you've to play lots of matches on natural grass, please note that we are talking about grass, not mud, so the difference with the artificial grass gloves is that you more frequently change your gloves because the latex of the palm is worn out before. This is why lots of brands have created specific models for those conditions that improve the durability without losing the grip of the delicate palm. Generally those gloves are also good to train.

  • Artificial grass

    The best for this kind of field is a high range glove like the ones with a Supersoft palm, it could be the best election but with more of synthetic latex compound, because it gives more resistance to the glove against the abrasion of the artificial grass. There are models where the palm is more rough and others completely covered by synthetic latex.

  • Five-a-side football

    If you use gloves to play five-a-side football, here you can find our collection of gloves without fingers for a better contact with the ball. Those gloves are lighter and because the fingers are cut it's easier to grip the ball with one hand, it's more difficult then that the ball escapes while you're throwing it from the goal.

  • Concrete and soil

    For the hard and dry fields like concrete and soil, we recommend basic grip gloves with more resistance. Those gloves give less contact with the ball than the technical ones, but they last more time. Specially recommended for absolutely dry conditions. The palm is composed by a mixed of natural and synthetic latex. Models of the best brands for those who play in the hardest conditions.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 113 items