Goalkeeper gloves for kids 

The gloves for kids are ideal for those little ones who want to be a professional goalkeeper, and must take care of their hands, because they're growing up and are more sensitive to the shocks of the ball and the falls. Those are models of the best brands, but where the size is adapted to the smallest hands, to permit the perfect adjustment and make the game easier. Usually up to the size 7 we're talking of gloves for kids. Some gloves also have protections for the fingers and the wrist. Here you'll find gloves with durability for the trainings and others more technical and better adhesion for the matches.


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  • Con protecciones
  • Durability - training...

    The kids who start playing as goalkeepers must wear gloves with the most durability as possible, because the materials must be prepared to resist all the trainings and matches of the season. The brands have prepared those models that, in addition to propose sizes that adjust well to the hands, protect correctly the fingers and the wrists, to avoid injuries.

  • Technical - best adhesion

    If your kid never want to leave his gloves, his ball and doesn't miss any match, here are the perfect gloves. Usually, this kind of gloves have more latex, that's why they've more adhesion, that's wonderful during the match because they grip better the ball, but it's also easy for those gloves to wear out before. It's very important clean them and take care of them. We recommend you to always put your gloves in their bag.

  • For wet conditions

    For the young goalkeeper who do not stop playing even when it's raining, we don't want their gloves lose grip because of the humidity. We have what you just need, gloves that in rainy conditions or weather with lots of humidity, reach 40% more of grip and adhesion than conventional gloves.

  • Of famous goalkeepers

    These young gaolkeepers dream to be one day like the idols. Here you can find the gloves worn by their favorite goalkeepers, to let them feel like their champions in the goals. Discover the complete range of famous goalkeeper gloves in that section.

  • Offers and packs

    In this section you can find the best offers and packs for kids, for those little goalkeepers do not miss anything and can be real champions, find the pack that fits the best to their needs, gloves and transport bag, two pairs of gloves, shoes and gloves, equipment and gloves, etc. The kids usually wear out their gloves quickly, that's why parents are always looking for products of good quality for cheap price; here our suggestions.

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