Clothes for goalkeepers: thermal, for trainings… 

Us, the goalkeepers we need a special equipment, because our way of playing is very different than the players. That's why here you'll find pullovers, thermal clothes, socks, trousers with protections, etc.  The clothes of this category are constantly updated. If you need helkp to choose, just contact us.


  • Pullover-Tshirts

    In the Goalkeeper shop you can find your Tshirt for goalkeeper between a large variety, choose the one that better fit with your game style. The best pullovers with or without protection, perfect to use during the matches or the trainings.

  • Trousers and shorts

    In the Goalkeeper shop you'll find trousers for goalkeeper perfect for your trainings or matches of football. Ideal for those who want trousers with or without protection, these ones with a padding that protect from shocks when the player falls. The trousers for goalkeeper are three different types: long, pirate (3/4) or short. Each brand has different styles, ask us if you have doubts and we'll tell you what is the best for your type of game or field. For sample, you must note that the artificial grass is more aggressive and that in wet conditions it's good to have thermal clothes.

  • raincoats

    When you want to continue enjoying your favorite sport even under the rain. The goalkeeper raincoats to play, run, jump without fear and enjoy, here they are, in the Goalkeeper shop.

  • Socks

    In the Goalkeeper shop choose the socks you prefer, of all the colors to associate with the rest of your equipment, lots of brands and styles.

  • Thermal clothes

    The best we can have to play football in adversary conditions and with total elasticity are the thermal clothes.  With them you can play without problems and be protected against the cold. Tshirt with long or short sleeves, thermal Tshirt and underwear, etc. If you're looking for some product to play outside and in wet condition that you don't find here, please ask us.

  • Arm sleeve
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items