Elige tu guante de portero según tu juego 

If you're yet a experienced goalkeeper, you better than anyone knows what you need, that's why you like to be fashion, in the goalkeeper's world, this section is yours. Here we've for all the styles, for who are looking for a good protection, for who like to feel the ball or for who want a good price-quality ratio.


  • Me gusta ir a la última

    Para os guarda redes que gostam de exibir as suas luvas, aqui temos os últimos lançamentos de luvas de guarda redes das marcas mais reconhecidas no mercado, Se queres umas luvas desta temporada, com os materiais de mais alta qualidade e diferente tipos de corte, aqui encontrarás o que procuras. Recomendamos que na tua compra incluas produtos de limpeza de luvas, para manter-las em prefeito estado o máximo de tempo possível.

  • I'm a beginner

    If you're a goalkeeper, you just start in the football world and you don't know what kind of gloves you need, don't worry, here you don't lose your time because we recommend you directly the most indicated gloves for you. Basically, they're models more resistant than the more technical gloves, because you'll have lots of hours of training and matches, right now the most important is to catch well the ball until you feel more comfortable. Hard fields, stops to improve, protections for the fingers and cuts that help you toi reach more easily your aim.

  • I want to feel the ball

    For the more experienced goalkeepers who want to feel the ball in their hands, but without noticing they're wearing gloves. If you're looking for the maximum precision in your gloves, those are yours. They give you a better grip of the ball, you'll have more mobility of your hands and you'll note that they're more sensitive to the touch of the ball that the conventional gloves. Then you'll be able to move with more precision without being afraid to lose the ball.

  • I want price-quality

    If you're one of the goalkeepers who want the perfect combination between quality and good price, we offer you gloves of medium range known to have a good price and quality materials with resistence.  Because the quality is not always expensive. They'll be wonderful for sample if you still don't know which one is your style under the goal or if you're learning technicity.

  • I want high range

    Here are the gloves of high range of the most important brands of goalkeeper gloves of the market, for the goalkeepers who want the best results on the field. Goalkeepers who want in their hands the best of the market, here you'll find it. The models that best adapt to your technique and reliability to keep them for long time.  And you can choose between different designs. Ask for help if you want gloves that adapt to your taste and we guide you.

  • I want for training

    Your gloves suffer during the trainings, because us the goalkeepers, we give everything to be the best during the football matches: high quantity of stops, hard fields, different balls… This is why it's important to have resistant gloves that can bear lots of trainings. Those gloves can have a rough palm or the compounds can have large quantities of synthetic latex. To find gloves that resist all your exigency and without having to pay too much money. If you want to buy correctly, here you've our selection of the best brands of the market.

  • Technical-for-professi...

    Here you can find the gloves used by the professional goalkeepers for an excellent price. If you're yet playing as a professional and you want to wear the same gloves o gloves with the same performances than goalkeepers as Diego López, Júlio César or Diego Alves, this is your place. Those are characterized by a better sensibility when touching the ball, to allow everyone to use with more precision his technique. We've a large range of sizes to let you choose the most adapted for you. Keep in mind that if you don't know the size you use, our professionals can help you to choose the correct size for your new gloves.

  • I want a good protection

    In the Goalkeeper shop we give you the opportunity to feel safe under the goal, your gloves give you the protection you need. In this section you can choose between the gloves with flat cut or the rollfinger cut to have the protection you need. We've the best brands of the market like HO SOCCER, Rinat, Reusch or UHL SPORT. Keep in mind that the stars use this kind of gloves, like Claudio Bravo, of the F.C. Barcelona.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 122 items