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  • Novelties

    In this section you'll find all the novelties we want you to see in the Goalkeeper shop, novelties from the brands HO Soccer, Rinat, Reusch or UHL, and all the exclusive products you'll only find here. These are the new models for the season 2016. We're a goalkeeper gloves specialized online shop, so if you need any technical help to choose the best gloves for you, just contact us.

  • Protections

    This kind of gloves has protections beyond the materials in order to avoid possible injuries on the fingers when the ball impacts the hand. Their function is to avoid that the fingers twist with the shock, even if they're rods, they're designed to permit a high flexibility of the fingers. Lots of goalkeepers prefer this protection and that's why we offer these models of gloves. For some, these flexible rods are removable and on other models they're fixed. There are 5 rods, one for each finger, they're placed between the padding and the extern layer of the glove. They're practical if you don't want all the strength to be on the finger. Ask us of you need help to choose.

  • Exclusives

    Here you'll find the exclusive gloves for the Goalkeeper shop, designed by the best brands of the market. They mix great colors, high quality and improvements in some aspects, like better shared protections and more comfortable materials.  The exclusive gloves have a more modern design,; if you like take care of your style, with these you'll always be fashion during your matches.

  • Packs

    En esta section you can find the best packs for you. We have packs that include gloves, shoes and equipment, gloves and cleaning products, equipment and bags, etc. They're made depending on the purchases of our customers and the needs to save money when ordering. It's a very comfortable solution with lots of possibilities to save money.

  • Offers

    Here are the best offers of the Goalkeeper shop. There are models of the lasts seasons on sale and of the current season with discounts. We also have some pairs on clearance sales, if you don't want to pay more than necessary. If you're looking for gloves of the last seasons and you don't find them in our catalogue, please check in our outlet, where you can find gloves from other collections for the best price. Choose in the following menu if you need high, medium o training range.

  • Outlet

    If you want to find on sale gloves for a good price, this is your section, here we have gloves from the last seasons with a very good discount on the original price. Discover all the collections of our outlet to save money when you buy your goalkeeper gloves. Remember that it's very important to correctly choose the size.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 125 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 125 items